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Happy Birthday, Alumni!  The BHS Alumni Association is now 10 years old!

            What a ten years it’s been!  The Association began in a yearbook class with students and volunteer alumni using graduation lists, phone books, and the telephone to find alumni who had stayed put in the area or moved to almost all 50 states and around the globe.  Two reunions, two USO Shows, two alumni basketball games, 5 Whatever‑a‑thons, 3 raffles, 13 newsletters, and one almost finished major project later, the Association is going strong and hundreds of alumni are connected through the roster, a web page, e‑mail, and activities.  Thanks to all for your support and for staying in touch.  Here’s to the next ten years!  


Librarian Gail Johnson ‘73 was digging through a storage room and found lots of yearbooks! She will give them away for the cost of postage. Here’s the list: 2003 - 12 copies; 2002 - 15 copies; 1999 - 3 copies; 1997 - 14 copies; 1996 - 12 copies. For each of the following years there are 2-4 copies available: 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1989, 1988, 1984, and 1977. BIGFORK CENTENNIAL BOOKS are still available for $25.00. You may purchase these through Gail also. Contact her at 218﷓743﷓3444 or at gjohnson@isd318.org.

2008 Submissions

· Miriana Ivanovic-Hoff '79 writes "I haven't had the opportunity to return home to Bigfork for nearly 10 years due to life and health constraints.  I hope to be able to visit sometime with the next year.  I currently live in the southern suburbs of Chicago.  As some of you may know, I entered the import/export field soon after leaving school and worked my way up the corporate ranks.  I made it all the way to Director of Regulatory Compliance for Enesco Corporation (one of the world's largest giftware importers" and was responsible for overseeing their worldwide corporate product safety and regulatory compliance program.  Through my job, I was fortunate to travel to some pretty exciting locales on an annual basis including France, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Cina, Taiwan and Japan.  Not bad for a gal from a small town like Bigfork!

   "I worked for Enesco for a total of 12 1/2 years and 'retired' after my daughter, Avalon, was born in 1995.  However, I continued to work for Enesco as an independent consultant for another 3 years after Avalon's birth.  After that, I decided to focus on being a full-time mom and have never regretted my decision.  I love being a mom and Avalon who is now 12 is the love of my life!

   "I am still married to John and we are now on our 27th year of marriage (wow...I can hardly believe it!).  Unfortunately, life dealt us a series of blows that have tested our resolve and commitment, but we're still together.  It began with my husband losing his corporate job due to downsizing and then led to a series of health problems for both of us.  Three years ago, I broke a bone in my foot which was undetected for 6 months which in turn led to my developing a serious auto-immune condition and the development of a chronic and very painful neurological dysfunction called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  I have also developed breathing and lung issues (ironic for a life-time non-smoker!) and have been on and off oxygen after being hospitalized for an extended period last year.  I am now disabled and use a cane most of the time.  I didn't quite expect to experience this at the still relatively young age of 47, but you never know what life will throw your way.

   "To complicate matters, two years ago, my husband was hit by a van while working and is now also fully disabled.  He recently won his legal case against his former employer and we are now on the road to financial recovery, although it's a small victory for a once very active man.

"I would love to hear from any of my former classmates and friends in Bigfork!"

 · JoAnn Bueschel Skyberg '87 gave birth on October 30, 2007 to Jordan Riley Skyberg, 8 lbs. 10 oz., 21 1/2" long.  Mom and baby doing fine!

2007 Submissions

· Abigail Faulkner '03 plays, works and wobbles around on a bike in St. Paul, MN - at least for now. I've almost finished my Bachelor's Degree at Macalester College in English Literature with concentrations in Film and Cultural Studies. After completing a part-time (and unpaid) gig doing video production work at the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis last year, I got an awesome, school-sponsored opportunity to design my own project in writing, editing and curating experimental films/videos. I love this stuff so much that I do it for free, and so I am also very poor. This could potentially change, but considering I live with and date a writer - and have for nearly four years - I'm not holding my breath.
     After graduation in May, I plan on moving to Minneapolis, getting some type of actual job, doing a little post-grad coursework in something interesting, and taking a much-needed, celebratory trip to Barcelona for a week in June! Best wishes to everyone from '03

· Norma Harrington Ruth '42 wrote to thank the reunion volunteers as follows:  "To all of you who were so dedicated in our wonderful school reunion.  Thank you!  It was extremely well organized and especially well planned.  That doesn't happen with only a meeting or two.  The hours put in at meetings are nothing compared to ideas and decisions that are to be carried out.  When the whole thing is over there's still the clean up!  I've poured over the great (centennial) book and, of course, I am sorry I didn't add my bit to Bigfork history too.  Seeing old friends wherever we went was such fun.  At my age - class of 1942 - we met a lot of children and grandchildren of those attending (as well as those gone - attending in spirit, I'm sure).   Thank you again.

· Herschel J. Ogema Sr. '70 sends greetings.  He is living and working in Cass Lake at Cass Lake/Bena High School.  He has six children and 14 grandchildren.  He still plays basketball two nights a week and softball two nights a week.  He's the boys basketball coach at Bug-O-May-Ge-Shig School.  He ran into (not literally!) Ron and Marsha Root at Grand Casino Mille Lacs - great to see them.  He requests that any of his classmates write or call at PO Box 622, Cass Lake, MN  56633, or 218-335-9860 (home) or 218-335-2203 (work). 

· Stephanie Evensen McMillan 71 I am currently living in the Atlanta area with my husband Rufus. Our son, Marques, lives on the other side of Atlanta. I am a research nurse at Emory University involved in bone marrow transplant and leukemia cancer. In 2007 I have the honor of being a speaker for Bristol Myers Squibb on a new leukemia medication, and will serve as the president of the metro Atlanta Oncology Nursing Society. My husband is a vice president with a division of Yamaha that makes golf cars, personal watercraft and four wheelers. Atlanta looks like Minnesota without the cold weather that my husband dislikes so much and also reminds him of the portion of East Texas where he grew up. Reading the news about my hometown makes me feel close and brings back so many memories. Thanks to those of you who keep the torch burning for those of us who are far away.

· Jeff Hastings '89 served as an Infantryman in the US Army after graduating from BHS.  He was stationed in Germany and California and also in Saudi Arabia in 1991 as part of Operation Desert Storm.  After the Army, Jeff went to Hennepin Technical College where he earned a diploma for Television Production in 1996.  Unfortunately, Jeff says, he is not working in that field.  He had various customer service jobs before switching professions in 2000 when he got a job at Loomis, Fargo & Company, an armoured car company, where he was a Dispatcher/ATM Technician.  Loomis' biggest customer at that time was Wells Fargo.  On September 11, 2001, the Loomis Corp. informed the local branch of the loss of that account.  Two months later, Jeff got a job at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis as a Protection Officer.  As a result of 9/11, his position at the Federal Reserve Bank was federalized.  His title since 2002 has been Federal Law Enforcement Officer.  Currently Jeff lives in Blaine, a northern suburb of the Twin Cities, with wife Corinna, daughter Alexia, and their two cats, Julius and Simon.  Jeff is a big fan of hockey, mainly college hockey.  Since 2002, he has gone to the WCHA Final 5 at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.  He had the opportunity to have his picture taken next to the Stanley Cup.  That has been one of his greatest thrills outside the birth of his daughter (Feb. 2007) and getting married (April 2006).

· Chris Kocian '90 and wife Amy have been married 8 years.  They have three kids, two daughters, Reilly (5) and Kendal (4) and son Lucas (3).  The girls are blessed, Chris says, because they look like their mother.  They live in Tampa, FL.  Chris is still working as a pharmaceutical sales consultant.

· Jennifer Warneka Sandy '93  I am doing well and living in La Crosse, WI, only about 2 hours from the Twin Cities where we used to live.  I remarried in 2000 to my wonderful husband David.  We now have four children.  Shelby (14) is currently in the 8th grade.  It's hard to believe that in four years she will be graduating herself!  Jordan (11) is in the 6th grade.  Hannah (8) is in 2nd grade and Grace (4) will be in preschool in the fall.  Plus there are 2 dogs and 2 cats - a busy house!  I am currently a stay at home mom, however I don't stay at home much.  I am going to school to get my BA in Early Childhood Education and should be done by October 2007.  I also assist in our school's preschool program.  I occasionally watch a couple of children in my home and, if that weren't enough, I also direct our vacation bible school in the summer.  So, needless to say, I am at least staying out of trouble.  My husband is a computer programmer/manager.  You can imagine the parts of computers we have lying around.  My sister, Vicki Warneka '94, still lives in the Cities and has two children, Ryan (8) and Kyle (5). 

· Michael Soular 94 Life has been busy since graduating BHS and college. I worked in Fargo, ND, as a GM for a 60,000 sq. ft. Indoor Family Amusement Center for two years. It was a great experience, but having a staff of 30-50 teens got to be stressful and repetitive so I wanted a change. Then I was hired by a health and fitness chain to be regional manager and I helped them open new locations in the Midwest. It was fun and allowed me to learn how to create a business from the ground up. I was in charge of finding communities that needed a fitness center, then worked with builders to create it. I traveled a lot, rarely home, and became burned out. I then took a job working with Microsoft and fell in love with the business side of technology. I worked on their Software Asset Management team for a couple years, then transferred to one of their partners last September. I was given the option to relocate to Denver, Boston, Sacramento or Sammamish, WA. Being a northern MN kid and REALLY missing nature, I jumped on moving out here to Parker, CO. I now work with corporations to help better leverage their IT Technology. I love and believe in what I do. I still travel a lot but am usually gone only overnight. Who would have thought this Togo Techie would someday be flying around the US speaking with the business leaders of major corporations. At home I am married to Kristy and we have a two year old girl, Makenna.

· Jonathan Holliday '98 Just thought that I would say hello to everyone and hope everything is going well. I am currently serving in Iraq at LSA Anaconda. I deployed with the Grand Rapids Unit, C Company 2-136 Combined Arms Battalion. Although we are an armor company we are not on tanks; instead we have up-armored humvees that we conduct our combat patrols with. I am part of the brigade that is being extended for 125 days and you can imagine that it is difficult for us and for our families back home. Counting the 6 month train up in Mississippi prior to deploying, we will be just a couple months short of two years away from home. The soldiers in my company and I have received a lot of support from organizations and individuals back home, for which we are very grateful and appreciate everything they do for us. My wife Lisa is living in Blackduck and currently teaching preschool. I am looking at all my options for when I return and even considering going back to school to learn carpentry as a trade. Maybe I will see some of you after I return.


· Paul Nisius, former teacher and coach: I have finished my 3rd year coaching the men's a women's cross country and track and field teams at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

· Mario and Harriet Lucia teachers and coach We have enjoyed having so many former students visit us in our winter home in Green Valley, AZ. Most recently that included Denny and LaVonne Sharp, Ty and Chico Bischoff and many more!

· Dave Carlson, former teacher I really enjoy catching up on the news of former Bigfork students. It is great to hear about their accomplishments. However, it is sad to read some of them in the obituaries. It is always great to visit with them wherever we meet. How surprised the students are at how much they used their algebra! I live in Grand Rapids and work parttime at the Country Inn where I really enjoy meeting and greeting people from all over the world. I feel like I am an ambassador for the USA and try to make them feel at home. I have traveled to Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany, visiting homes of my ancestors. On March 10, I had another heart attack...but I still went to the first game of the State Hockey tournaments, Marcie! I had 5 stents placed in my heart and am doing fine. I will be officiating girls volleyball for my 32nd year. I am also fishing with the Northland fishing team. Thanks to the biology, I enjoy the research we do as we examine what the fish are eating and what lures will entice the fish. During the fall I love to go fishing near the school and hear that tardy bell ring for the first class at GRHS and leave with my limit of fish at the end of first period! A former student, Toni Wass Moore has helped me take up quilting and sewing clothes for my grandchildren on the miserable days of winter. And, news flash!, my daughter Mindy had a baby boy on June 17, 7 lbs. 9 oz.

· Eulah Custer Custer '34 I was 90 years old on March 15, 2006. I would have graduated in 1934. My folks came to Wirt on July 31, 1931. Mother passed away December 21, 1931. I quit school in May of 1931. There was too much work for a 15 year old. I have two brothers and a sister.

· Charles Huemoeller '43 In retrospect, there is no place I would rather have grown up than Bigfork!

· Ron Bailey '47 Is there anyone out there left reading this from the class of 1947?

· James and Virginia Walls Lund, both of '48 On May 4, 2006, we celebrated our 58th wedding anniversary!

· George F. Smith '51 I really look forward to receiving my Bigfork newsletters but wish it could be published every 6 months. So many names, So many places - So many warm, remembered faces. "Burma Shave?" NOT!

· Carol Hanson Engh '54 Herb and I are celebrating our 50th anniversary in September!

· Wendel '55 and Sally Laurila '57 Gilbert We have been retired 13 years. We winter in Port Richey, FL. We enjoy grandchildren and traveling, being on our pontoon and spending time with old friends. Sally grew up in Bigfork and has fond memories of her childhood. Wendel grew up in Effie. Both of us graduated from BHS.

· Don Manske '56 I retired from teaching science at the Little Falls Middle School in 1997. In March of 2005 we moved to the state of Washington to be near our three daughters' families, including 6 grandchildren. We really enjoy living here in the Puget Sound in the town of Gig Harbor, about 30 miles south and west of Seattle. On clear days we can go less than two miles from our house and see Mt. Rainier to the SE and the Olympic Mts. to the NW. Visitors are welcome!

· Jerry Ells '57 (Click here for information on Jerry)

· Carole Lee Guinn Turville '57 I retired in 2005. I live in Great Falls, MT. My daughter and her children live with me. I am a great-grandma to Tanner, age 5. My granddaughter graduated this spring and will be going to the U of MT in Missoula. My two oldest children are in Montana also. One son lives in Glendive (way east) and the younger son lives is Missoula (way west).

· Kathleen Erickson Henry '58 It's great to be back in the Bigfork area. I have been back for 12 years now and I still love it up here. My youngest daughter, Linda Eades, and her daughter, Heather, moved back with me. Heather was an '03 graduate of Bigfork High School.

· Roger Plummer '62 I retired from the Federal Bureau of Prisons in 1995, after 23 years with four years of USAF from 1964-1968 = total 27 years of federal service. We moved from California in 2001 to Blanding, UT and enjoy retirement. We have twins, 38 years old, Kenneth and Kimberly; and 7 grandchildren, 5 boys and 2 girls. I miss my classmates but have fond memories of Bigfork and a firm foundation provided by living in a small rural community.

· James E. Welte '60 Born 1942 in Bigfork Hospital and lived on the farm northeast of town on the river until leaving for Gustavus Adolphus College. Graduated 1964, BS in Business Administration. Played center on the football team, captain for senior year. Married to Sandra Jo Spaulding whom I met at Gustavus, in August 1964 and we moved to Duluth so she could finish school. Moved to Rockford, IL in 1966 and began Mortuary School in Chicago in 1969. We have operated a funeral home - Julian-Poorman-Welte, (www.weltefuneral.com) since that time. We have four children - Jaime Welte (Lou) Finch, grad of U of IA and Mortuary School, and joined us at the funeral home until her four childeren were needing her full time attention. Jeffrey Welte (wife Penni), graduate of U of MN mortuary school, has been at the funeral home since 1990. They have 3 children. Jody Welte (John) Shimek, graduated U of MN graphic design and live near Jordan, MN on a horse farm. They have four children (triplets plus one). Jyll Welte graduated U of MN MS deaf education and currently works special assignments and reservations training for United Airlines out of Chicago. We still have part of our old farm land in Bigfork on what we used to call the "old place" where my dad, Harold Welte was born. We have a log cabin there and visit as much as we can and still hunt the whitetail. We enjoy traveling and living in IL puts us in easy reach of most everywhere. I learned to fly and have a commercial license for single engine land and sea and continue to be a member of the Bigfork Flying Club where the "Champ" is always waiting. Jeff and Jody also have private licenses. Bigfork always has been a special place for us and the "Rat Bay" boys still get together over Labor Day weekend. Until 2 years ago when "Mac" decided that he had a little trouble walking the plank, Turtle Lake was the gathering place and many hogs were roasted there. We now gather at the cabin for the weekend. "You can take the boy out of the country but you can't take the country out of the boy." Retirement doesn't seem to be necessary yet and Jeff and I take turns being at work.

· Midge Carlson Carlson '61 I love living back in the Bigfork area. I hope all can come to see the changes next summer. You won't believe the new hospital and the Edge Center.

· Bonnie Schromen Pederson '62 (& Lial '48) Lial at 76 continues his bicycling activities as well as stone/bricklaying/cement work in his spare time. I am working for Itasca Hospice.

· Mari Weisert Smith '62 I am currently an educational therapist, working with students who have learning disabilities.

· Sherry Erickson Kim '63 I'd love to hear from some of my friends from 1963. (NOTE: Sherry's e-mail address is listed in the "Contact Us" section of this web site.)

· Judy Dorr Nelson '67 Hello, Class of 1967. I live in Aitkin, MN. I have 3 sons and 7 grandchildren and have been married to Bob since 1970. I love to snowmobile, 4-wheel and camp; and to go womewhere warm for winter vacation. I would love to see you all at the All-Class reunion in 2007. It was a great time at the last All-Class reunion in 2001. Take care!

· Randy Felt '67 Thanks to the school and people of the Bigfork Community. I have many fond memories of my years in the area.

John Erickson '67 Thought you all might be interested in this company: THE EASIEST HOME BASED BUSINESS YOU'LL FIND. CALL TOLL FREE 1-888-230-7531, ext. 2032160. The company is legit which is hard to find nowadays. And here's my web site. http://merrysmarket.biz It makes a great home page to shop and surf with a lot less pop-ups. Shop Ebay or Amazon or any store through this website. Using it will help fight cancer as well. I went through chemo myself and it sure makes you sick but I'm better now. If you're interested, my e-mail is jerickson1@neb.rr.com. Hello to all my classmates!

· Betsy Evensen Kuschel '68 We breed racing quarter horses, stand two stallions, and barrel race and rodeo as hobbies. In addition, we raise beef cattle. My husband, Lonnie, is a logger, and our son, LD (19), logs with him and does a lot of the mechanic work. Our daughter, Lacey (25), has a degree in horticulture. She is currently running our logging office, training horses for us, and has her professional rodeo card so she is looking at a summer on the road.

· Wesley Waller '69 Not only did Sharon (Anderson) and I graduate from Bigfork, all three of our kids did also. One of the strangest feelings was sitting down for conferences with some of the very same teachers whose classes I goofed off in. Our memories and experiences both as students and as parents are wonderful. I just don't understand how my classmates got so old so fast.

· Vicki Gustafson Pushkar '69 Thanks (alumni committee) for all your hard work!!

· Terry J. Rahier DeLorme '69 I am still having "fun" at 55. I hope to see everyone from the class of 1969 at the Centennial Celebration!

· Ray Cole '74 is currently president and CEO of Midwest Challenge.  Ray runs a program for kids that are incarcerated and for adult men who are coming out of prison.

· Blaine Moberly '79 has just recently been added to our roster after having been "lost" for several years although he knew where he was! Blaine is a Maintenance Supervisor at North Antelope Rochelle Coal Mine in the Powder River Basin in east central Wyoming. He has been there for over eight years. Antelope Rochelle is the largest producing Coal Mine in the United States - they just shipped their 1 billionth ton of coal this spring. Blaine has an 8 year old son JP from this third marriage who is the joy of his life. Blaine says "I am once again single, imagine that." Blaine's oldest son, Gilbert, 24 lives in Reading, PA and is a carpenter. His daughter Jessica 23 is in the US Army and is stationed in Ft. Hood, TX. Blaine hopes that Iraq is not in her future although the "silly girl" actually wants to go. Blaine looks forward to hearing from anyone in Bigfork. (Blaine's e-mail address is listed in the "contact us" section of this web site.)

· Al Martin '82 My wife and 3 of my 4 daughters live in St. Joseph, MO where I am employed at MWSU as the assistnat Physical Plant Manager. My wife, Sharlyn, is the Nutrition Director the the Missouri Council on Aging. We like it here as it reminds us both alot of Minnesota without the cold! My daughter Heather is 21 and lives in Grand Rapids with her daughter. My 12 year old Mareah is active in singing (go figure) and is looking forward to 7th Grade @ Truman Middle School here in St. Jo. Victoria is 10 and going into 6th grade and she likes clothes and singer (another one!). My youngest, Anna, is 7 and enjoys anything anyone else wants to do including helping daddy work on vehicles and shoot baskets. We are all well and hope to come back to Bigfork soon to visit. Hope everyone is well and wish the best for everyone.

· Linda Wetzel McCully '86 I remember hanging out at Park Rec and Pizza Palace after basketball and football games. Also, "cruizin" main street on Friday nights was "the cool" thing. Running "manmakers" for basketball practice in the old, hot, stuffy, small gym was a killer. Thanks, Mr. Salmi! Picture l-r Aidan (4 1/2), husband Bart of 11 years, Brendan (6), me, and Olivia (6). We live in BelAir, MD. Bart is a mortgage broker and I am an independent skin care consultant with Arbonne Int'l. Home # 410-569-2927.

· Rhonda Buschel '88 Zimmer  Paul and I, along with Percy and Kathy Ungerecht, have started our own concrete construction company. Trio Construction began business of May 1 or this year. We're really excited about this new venture.

· Monique Smith '88 I will graduate in June with my A.A.S. in Medical Transcription. My kids and I are moving to Sibley, IA. Feel free to e-mail mail and say "hi" anytime.

· Chris Kocian '90 My wife Amy and I have been married 6 years now, it will be seven years this August.  We have three kids, two daughters Reilly (4), Kendal (3), and our son Lucas (2).  The girls are blessed, they look like their mother.  We just recently moved from Jacksonville, FL to Tampa, FL after deciding to take a promotion with my company.  I have worked in pharmaceutical sales for the last 5 years, currently with Allergan, the makers of Botox.  I sell Botox Cosmetic and a few other medical aesthetic products to cosmetically oriented physicians.  I really enjoy my job and I am fortunate to have an occupation that keeps me young...literally.  Even though it is hot this time of year we absolutely love Florida and living near the beach, and we even braved a trip to Disney last summer which was a lot of fun.  

Note to Alumni: The following message was inadvertantly cut off in the newsletter. Here it is in its entirety. Apologies to Dusty!                         · Dusty Waller '95 states that the class of '95 celebrated their 10 year reunion this past summer and is of the opinion that they are all getting older at an incredible rate! Dusty is still working at Thistledew Camp and enjoys it a great deal. His wife teaches at Northome School and they are expecting their first child this summer. He expects that life will change dramatically for them very soon.

· Joe Patrow '98 Although I am still working at UCLA, I was just offered a job at Warner Bros, and will be moving in that direction. It's not the most exciting job; I'll be assisting four directors in consumer products, but it could lead to better things - like producing.

· Elizabeth Olson '00 Keep up the good work! I really enjoyed reading some info about my old classmates - and getting some e-mail addresses too!

· Brittany Reid '00 I have been doing many things, but I have finally made it to my destination, the place of my birth, Humboldt County, Arcata, California. Nestled in the Redwoods and along the insanely beautiful coastline of Northern California, about 285 miles north of San Francisco, I live with my fiance' and am attending school pursuing majors in sociology and history, hopefully working towards a doctorate in both. Some of my favorite activities include hanging out on the Plaza of downtown Arcata, going up in the mountains of Trinity County to hike, going to the beaches for walks and sunsets, driving through the Avenue of the Giants, a scenic bypass of Hwy 101 (which runs from San Diego all the way up to Canada), writing and painting. Sure, I miss Bigfork, but Humboldt County has and always will be home for me. You would have to see the place to understand why I would never leave.

· Amy Reigel '01 Ellis After graduating I went to HCC and received an AAS degree in Multimedia Specialist. Then my husband Tony and I moved to Duluth where I worked as a CNA until the birth of our daughter, Dylan Danielle on Feb. 24, 2005. When I went in for my 6 week check up, my OB doctor found a lump on my throat that proved to be thyroid cancer. I have had two radioactive treatments and have an x-ray coming up in July to make sure it's all gone. Tony and I recently learned that a house offer we made has been accepted. Since we have been searching for a year with no success, we are excited - 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 4.5 acres, very private. Tony is working as an electrical engineer with Rockwell Automation and I'm a housewife which I love. We will celebrate our 4-year anniversay on June 29. I need to wait 6 months after my July x-ray for the radiation to leave my body and then, hopefully, we'll have another child. I was very pleased to hear about the dedication of the new school statue in honor of Stephanie Rooker. She will always be missed.

· Kayla Pula '03 Salazar On August 14, 2004 I married Joel Crosby Salazar at an outside wedding at my parents' home. We live in a one-bedroom apartment in New Hope, MN and are both in college at Hennepin Tech in Brooklyn Park. I am working on getting my LPN degree, then will transfer to North Hennepin Community College to get my RN 2 year degree. Crosby is working on becoming a PC support specialist, repairing and providing support to people over the phone or on-site, and upgrading computers. In addition to studying, I work as a nursing aide in a nursing home and Crosby works at MoneyGram International. Crosby is from Lima, Peru, so it's good that I took Spanish in high school! Crosby is in the process of naturalization and will be a citizen in about a year.

· Andrea Cole '04 I am now a junior at Augsburg College in Minneapolis and am studying sociology and theatre. I just returned from my trip to Hungary, Czech Republic and Germany with the Augsburg Choir. I am hoping to visit Budapest again someday. I just moved into a house in northeast Minneapolis with three friends and two kittens.

2005 Submissions

· Shirley Johnston Wicklund '54 went to Bemidji State for two years after leaving high school. She and her husband Jim have been happily married for 48 years and have 5 children, 11 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. Most of her life Shirley was a stay at home mom raising their family. She worked 16 years for School District 318 and then retired. Family, church and friends keep them very busy. They both love the the outdoors so camping has always been part of their lives. Shirley also enjoys hiking, reading and refinishing furniture. Her favorite thing is getting in the truck with the 5th wheel behind, anticipating some relaxation time enjoying God's creation.

· Harold LaFrenier '55 writes that he retired from Blandin Paper Co. in 1995 after 32 years of service. They have been spending their winters in Arizona for the past ten years. They recently sold their home in Minnesota and will be residents of Arizona. They plan on traveling back to Minnesota with their travel trailer in the summers. Harold and Pat have a blended family of 7 children, 21 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren - and one dog, Gracie! Harold is active in the Itasca Vintage Car Club of Grand Rapids and now have a 1931 Model "A" that he will be restoring. He also does handyman jobs in his area.

· Norane Welte Stejskal '59 writes that, as of March, she and husband Jerry have been married 40 years. They raised three sons and one daughter. They are now retired and living on Pokegama Lake in Grand Rapids, MN.

· Marilyn "Mari" Weisert Smith '62 is tutoring students in her home as an educational therapist. Her husband Wes works for United Healthcare. They are finally "empty nesters". Their youngest son Chad is a freshman at UC Berkeley and is a hammer and shotput thrower on the CAL track and field team.

· Penny Sharp Nolette '64 married college sweetheart, Doug Nolette, 38 years ago. They have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. Penny finished college with an accounting degree while their children were in high school and was working full time until last year when she was laid off from her job. She is now working part time for her son, Michael, in his computer consulting business. Her husband is self imployed with his Leasing Company. They live in Roseville, MN, within 45 minutes' drive from all 3 children. Doug's mother has lived with them for most of the past 10 years. When they do travel back home, they stay with her brother Patrick "Buzz" Sharp '66 who now lives where they grew up on Brush Shanty Lake just 17 miles from Bigfork. Sadly their mother Ruth passed away three years ago.

· Bob Manske '64 sent his short bio which includes graduation from the U of M, Minneapolis with BA and MPH (Biostatistics) degrees and a wonderful wife, MaryEllen. They've been married 35 years, are empty nesters with two adult children. After working for others for 30 years, Bob now has his own consulting business, working for the last five years with organizations serving the elderly. His hobbies include community service, travel and photography.

· Ernie Ness president of the class of '67! says he has not been back in Bigfork since the ten year reunion in 1977. His career path and other travels have taken him far from Minnesota. For the last 20 years he has been at the University of Central Arkansas in the Counseling Center and is now in his 18th year as Director. He has great memories of life in Bigfork 1964-1968, Ernie would enjoy hearing from BHS alumni of that era.

· Terry Rahier DeLorme '69 sends this message: "To the class of 1969 - Mark your calendar, June 9th, 10th, 2007. See you in Bigfork."

· Jeannine Nelson Jensen '70 would love to hear from classmates and friends!

· Pattie Randall Barstad '72 married Keith in 1972 and they live now in Littlefork, MN They have two grown daughters, Amy who is living it up as a single adult, and Michelle, married to Brad Schmidt. They have two daughters also, Heather and Lisa. Pattie and Keith spend much of their summers riding their motorcycles, his 1500 Honda Gold Wing and her 600 Honda Shadow. Last summer they rode the Wing on a 4000 mile vacation out West and even made it to the top of Pike's Peak where it snowed and rained on them! Pattie has worked as an Emergency Medical Technician, for a newspaper in the ad layout department, part time evenings for United Health Group, part time as secretary for Littlefork Lutheran Church. In 1994 she went full time for UHG and is currently a claims analyst working from home as a telecommuter.

· Robert O. Bogdanovich and kids send this message about their wife and mother: Ann Lund Bogdanovich '73 passed away on November 24, 2004 after ten years of fighting breast cancer. "She was a great wife to me," Robert says.

· Loni Broding Anderson '85 says she liked high school so much, now she works in one! She is the media specialist at Wadena-Deer Creek High School and is raising two sons, Eliah 10 and Danny 5.

· Larmi Hoyt-Weakley '87 lives in Syracuse, NY, has been married ten years, has one son who is 3 and a half and another on the way. Larmi has been an orthodontic assistant for ten years, doesn't consider it work due to a fun environment, but has been toying with oral surgery. Larmi says she hasn't been back to Bigfork for 15 years and looks forward to the reunion because there are many people she'd like to see. She misses MN and the outdoors - well, at least the summers!

· Rick Boroos '88 presently lives in Burnsville, MN and has been living in the Twin Cities area for approximately 15 years. He has been married to Jean for almost three years now and they have two sons, Jeffrey 12 and Jacob 1. Rick works for CyberPower Systems in Shakopee and is responsible for shipping and receiving.

· David Haley '90 writes "I have almost become an adult now - raising a wife and kid. I mean, with a wonderful wife, son, and a new addition on the way. Cari is due in July and Matthew is twenty months old. Life has really changed for me with the huge responsibility of raising a child, but it has never been so rewarding. I continue to work in the family timber harvesting business. It is very challenging to succeed in an industry where so many are having great difficulty. We continue to enjoy the great outdoors. Take care! David, Cari, Matthew, and Unknown"

· Marcia Rodriguez '94 has a son, Juan David. After graduating from University, she worked for a zoo with wild fauna and then with another zoo project in another area of Colombia. She is a founder of a non-profit organization, Colombian Zoological Foundation working for the conservation of ecosystems and threatened wild fauna of the Llanos region. She is also teaching in a bilingual high school, science in 6th & 7th grade, biology and prechemistry in 8th & 9th grade, English from 6th to 8th grade, and Spanish in 9th grade.

· Mandi Giehler Johnson '96 writes "I have been married to K.C. Johnson for 4 years. We have two children, Peyton 5, and Carson 2. We live right in St. Cloud. K.C. is a software engineer and I am a hairstylist and recently we have started our own ECommerce Marketing business. We love to spend time together cooking, playing, dancing and reading. We like to be with family and friends a lot too. We try to go North for family and fishing often. We do a lot of fun things with our church and are involved in playgroups and gymnastics too! Stop in and see us on your way through St. Cloud sometime!"

· Luke and Shari Hoshal Youngkin '97 had their share of wellness challenges in the past year. Luke had thyroid cancer and the doctors removed a baseball-size lump. They got it all and he's feeling better. The doctor told Luke that if he'd waited six more months, he'd probably be dead, so they consider themselves lucky. Shari has had two glaucoma surgeries last year. The first one involved implanting a stint to drain fluid and took four months to heal. The second one took two months to heal but the doctor had to inject a blood patch of her own blood into her eye to make it heal. And now Shari will have surgery again soon for cataracts. Meanwhile, on the happier side, daughter Caitlyn is 3 already and full of energy, growing up fast!

· Josiah Patrow '98 graduated with his Master's Degree in history with a minor in English from the University of North Dakota this winter. Last fall, while finishing his thesis "Changing Structures of British Imperialism in the Mid to Late Victorian Period," he relocated to Los Angeles, and earned employment with The Camera House in North Hollywood. This allowed him to interface with professional camera crews both on and off set. He now works for UCLA and is the Director of Photography on Matches, directed by Bryce Forester. Several other projects, including Patrow's documentary on archaeological methodology in Cyprus, are currently underway.

· Jay Rice '98 joined the Navy after graduation but was discharged after a short time due to a rare allergy to the sun! After that he moved to Minneapolis to live with friends; then moved in 2000 to a small town, New Bern, NC. Hoping for a better job market he moved back to Hopkins, MN, where he lives with his fiancee and two year old daughter. Jay says, "Im still the crazy kid I always was and am still very involved in music." Jay sings at open mics and is trying to get a band together. He has made good contacts with friends who have gone to music school so knows a producer, video director, and many musicians that he can work with. "The hard part is finding people that want to make the same kind of music."

· Stephanie Schmitz '00 is currently teaching in the middle school in West Concord, MN. She is also coaching girls softball and basketball.

Jessica McLeod '00, writes that she is now Jessica Swoboda, living in St. Paul with her husband and two children. Her first child, born 5-9-02, is a boy, Jaedon. When he was 15 months old she started going to college at Argosy U for medical assistant training. Illness during her second pregnancy caused a hospitalization and the necessity to drop out of school. Daughter Hanah was born on 7-19-04. Jessica went back to college and passed all her classes. Presently she is a stay-at-home mom.

· Charlene Nelson Waldron '00 and Jason Waldron were married on Feb. 21, 2004. Their son was born on June 1, 2004. They live on the farm where Jason is building a hand-hewn log house and she is working on her book (for which she already has a publisher!) - "happy, happy" she concludes.

· Adam Bloch '01 and I, (Regina (Larson) Bloch, class of 98) were married on August 6th, 2005. Everything went pretty well, except for me forgetting my bouquet when I walked up the isle! My sister (Retha, class of 88) ran and got them midway through the ceremony, so I had them when I went down the isle. Otherwise, things went smoothly. (For something that I planned and was involved in, you must admit that is a feat in itself!) I will try to get some pictures to put here once we get them. Hope everyone is doing well. Feel free to email us!

Nathan and Christine Myers '01 Hello, to the Alumni Commitee!! My name is Christine Myers (maiden name Kliewer). I graduated in 2001 from Bigfork. I've kept in touch with Mrs. Lester so she's heard how things are going. But I thought that I would email to give you another more recent update on how my husband, Nathan Myers (also a '01 grad from Bigfork) our new baby and myself are doing... Well, Nate is still currently in the NAVY until '07 working as an Airman. We are stationed on the Naval base in Lemoore, California. We were married on July 23rd, 2004 in Bigfork, at my parent's farm. At 1717 (military time) on April 8th, 2005 we welcomed our first child, Eian Mikal Alvin into the world! He was 7 lbs, 14 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. He truely is the greatest blessing we have received in our life!! Our little Chunky Monkey!! I've taken time away from working at the Sweet N' Sassy gift and candy shoppe, while I'm out here. Can't wait to get back so I can help my mom out once again!! Nate was able to get leave approved so we made it back to visit in December of last year, for 11 days. Eian has yet to meet his grandparents....we are hoping that we are once again lucky enough to get leave approved again so we can make it home for Christmas this year! Nate and I are renewing our vows when we make it home to celebrate making it through that past, present and future deployments...including a 6mth deployment coming soon :(. I look forawrd to when there is an all shool year reunion so we can catch up on some of the friends and students that we graduated with and knew back in school!1 I have attached some pics of us, and Eian!! I am hoping you could post this update so everyone can know how we are doing. Thank you so much, this site is wonderful!!! Great job done!!! Take Care, Christine E. Myers


Other News

· This was seen recently, in the Grand Rapids Herald Review, Sunday edition, Feb. 27, 2005 from the "40 years ago section": March 1, 1965, William Zasoski, 17, a Bigfork High School senior, is the first Eagle Scout in Bigfork since Jack Rajala reached that rank in November 1955. (Note: there have been three recent alumni who also attained that rank: Josiah Patrow '98, Ari Feld '00, and Bill Beyer '04. Anyone know of others???) (Submitted March 2005)

· To those who don't know, especially the class of 1979, Jim Booth died Sept. 21, 2004. Here is an excerpt from the Grand Rapids Herald Review, Oct. 13 edition, by staff writer Britta Arendt. Raising a house for a fallen friend - When Jim Booth was tragically killed Sept. 21, he left behind a wife, two young children and their new home - unfinished. But thanks to donations of time, materials and muscle from family, friends and even complete strangers, Heidi Booth, 5 year old Levi and his baby sister Ruby can expect to move into the home Jim started for them before winter. Jim died when a tree fell on the cab of his truck while at work. "It's just amazing, because she needs to be there in that house," said Heidi's sister Tammy Borman whose husband Robert is helping to coordinate the work crews and raise funds to pay for materials..."They weren't going to finish quite to this point right away, but now Heidi can't do it alone," explained Robert as he waited for a cement truck to arrive to fill in the landing outside the garage...several local businesses have contributed to the completion of the house by donating materials and labor..."A lot of talented individuals...have come out to help...", continued Robert. _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Note to Alumni: This message was sent to us from Jerry Ells' daughter when
we sent an e-mail to Jerry to get his mailing address. Jerry Ells was from
the class of 1957.

Please do post (my message) to the alumni page, and post my email address as
well in case there is anyone who would like to know more. I know my dad
never went back or maintained contact with anyone from
Bigfork but he did often reminisce about his childhood there. I know he was
friends with Ronnie Carlson and I believe they did get in touch briefly just before my dad died. Another name
that we heard a lot was Dallas Eckert, my dad's first love.

I'd be interested in seeing the alumni page; perhaps there are other names

Chrystene, chrystene@tworatsfilms.com

p.s. tworats was a spur of the moment name for a film production company; I
was making a film and was on the phone with the producer and we were trying
to come up with a name. I looked around the room and saw the cage with my
two pet rats in it. Thus... a name that has no meaning whatsoever but gets a
lot of questioning looks! Check out my website if you like; it's really a
portfolio of my different kinds of work: http://www.tworatsfilms.com

I infrequently check my father's email, just in case a message such as yours
should appear. My father, Jerry Ells, died in February of 2003. He had a
long battle with kidney cancer, which took over his body after the kidney
was removed. He spent the last years of his life living with me in San
Francisco and passed away at the VA hospice, a beautiful location on the
cliff overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay on one
side, and the beach and the Pacific Ocean on the other.

After leaving Bigfork, sometime around 1958, my father came to California,
where he joined the navy, serving during the Cold War. He married my mother
in 1959, then got his undergraduate degree in Experimental Psychology at
Fresno State University, during which time I was born. In 1969 he was
awarded his PhD from the University of Oregon, and the same year my younger
sister arrived. We moved to Canada later that year when my father got a job
as a professor at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, where he
stayed until he retired. He eventually served as Department Head at the U of
C and was a highly respected teacher, and a nationally acclaimed
experimental psychologist, working on studies for the government and doing
research in several ground-breaking areas.

My parents were divorced in 1974, and my father remarried. His second
marriage ended in divorce in 1994. He took early retirement from the
University at the age of 58, and with a handsome severance package, he
decided to do what he had always longed to do, and be free. He sold or
stored everything he owned, and for the last few years that he was healthy,
he lived a life of travel and adventure. For quite some time he lived on the
road, traveling the west coast from city to city, from Fresno to San
Francisco to Eugene to Vancouver to Calgary, and back again. He had friends
in each city, and he would stay a month or two in each place. My father
loved people, and made friends easily. He also loved cooking, and his
amazing, delicious dinners are still legendary amongst his many friends.
Beautiful meals with the perfect red wine accompaniment and evenings of
laughter and stories seemed to blossom around him wherever he went.

At one point my father went off to see the world. He explored Peru,
Argentina, and various other South American countries, and then went to
Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, and many other east Asian countries.
He spent another year or so exploring and adventuring, and having the
greatest time of his life. It was on his return from one of these trips that
we discovered that he had cancer.

Loving life and living it to its fullest is the most common memory my
father's friends have of him. Even at the end, when he had lost a leg and
knew he only had a short time to live, he swung along cheerfully and
powerfully on his crutches with his friends, on his way to see a movie --
another of his passions -- or to go out to dinner or on a drive down the
coast. He never stopped being interested in and curious about the world
around him and even during his last days he was intensely involved in an
almost childlike way with the changes happening in his reality. He passed
away during the night after a day of lying in the sunshine and sea breezes,
listening to some of his favorite musicians, Miles Davis and Chet Baker, on

I know we all have heroes in this world and for many of us our biggest
heroes are our parents. When I put my dad's ashes in the back seat of my car
and drove the same route he had driven so many times before, from California
up to Canada, stopping to have a meal and red wine and stories with all of
his dozens of friends in each city, I realized that my father was a hero not
just to me but to many, many people. I heard so many times, from so many
people on that trip that my father was their best friend. He meant a great
deal to the people he touched and they to him. His legacy is one of love,
passion, and an infinite curiosity and humor about life.

If anyone would like to contact me, I can be reached at the email address

Thank you for contacting my dad.
Chrystene Ells


Please click on picture to see a larger version.

2007 Submissions


Betty Lorraine Johnson was born in Big Fork, Minnesota July 14, 1927, and was raised there, until moving to Vancouver in 1944. She graduated in 1945, from Vancouver High School. She married Raymond Dunbar in June of 1948. Their first daughter, Karen, was born in October of 1949 followed by their son David in March of 1951. In 1952 they moved to Seattle, where their second daughter, Beverly, was born in July of 1956. In the Summer of 1960, after Raymond’s death, they moved back to Vancouver. In 1962 she married Elwin “Al” Dahlin, with whom she raised her children and built a home, in which they both lived for 38 years before Al’s death in May of 2004. She worked for the Vancouver School District, in food service, until 1982, when she retired as manager of the kitchen at Shumway Jr. High.

Betty was known as a excellent cook and baker. Her many recipes, for everything from Potato Salad to Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, were enjoyed and sought after by the many friends and family that were constantly being welcomed into her home. She loved to camp, travel and play Canasta. She bowled on a league with her husband Al, for several years. Most of all she loved to spend time with her family. On Sunday evenings Betty’s family would come to her house for shared dinner and games of Canasta. It was a tradition that was seldom missed by anyone.

Betty passed away Thursday, July 6th at Emmanuel Hospital, surrounded by her family. She died of complications from an Aortic Aneurysm. She was preceded in death by both Ray and Al, as well as her son, David Dunbar, and her sister, Shirley Espinoza. She is survived by her two daughters, Beverly Gray of Vancouver and Karen Wanke of Newport, Ore.; two brothers; Dale Johnson of Sanford, NC, and Duane Johnson of Vancouver, WA; seven grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren, eighteen nieces and nephews, and several “adopted” children and grandchildren.

A memorial service will be held Tuesday, July 11 beginning at 11:00 am at Messiah Lutheran Church.

Memorial contributions may be made to Messiah Lutheran Church 905 NW 94th Street, Vancouver, WA 98665 or Kaiser Hospice, 2701 NW Vaughn, Suite 140, Portland, O


2006 Submissions

Hello.  This is Josh Campbell, class of 2000.  I got married, to Rebecca, and changed my name to Josh Bohman, my stepfather's name.  We have one child, Kaitlyn Jane, and another on the way - a boy.   We will name him Gabriel Dominic Bohman.  I'm a sheetmetal fabricator in Cambridge, MN.  Life is fun.

Linda Wetzel McCully '86 I remember hanging out at Park Rec and Pizza Palace after basketball and football games. Also, "cruizin" main street on Friday nights was "the cool" thing. Running "manmakers" for basketball practice in the old, hot, stuffy, small gym was a killer. Thanks, Mr. Salmi! Picture l-r Aidan (4 1/2), husband Bart of 11 years, Brendan (6), me, and Olivia (6). We live in BelAir, MD. Bart is a mortgage broker and I am an independent skin care consultant with Arbonne Int'l. Home # 410-569-2927.

Barb Kelly, "I still live in  Bigfork but am traveling about six months a year. I have been in all 50 states and some European countries. Daisy, my Yorkie, travels with me in an RV whenever possible. P.S. I still play golf."

Carolyn Huemoeller Cary, Class of 1959, sent this photo of the Huemoeller siblings and the years they attended school in Bigfork. The picture was taken at a 1999 reunion.
L-R: Charles (Ike), 1935-1943; Carolyn, 1947-1959; Barbara Huemoeller Schmidt, 1936-1948; and Steve 1944-1953. Carolyn states that they will see you at the 2007 reunion!

Greetings from (l-r) Robert Gustafson and Dean Walls Class of 1959

African drumming. Kayla '99 and Eric '01 Scrivner made their own drums. This is used as a form of recreational therapy for the kids at Inner Harbour. News about Kayla and Eric is in the newsletter.

These pictures were taken by the unit photographer during our shoot last Saturday. We've been shooting in downtown Hollywood, which is a far cry from shooting in the elevator room back at the old BHS - but similar in certain ways. The first shot (DP and Director) is me explaining a shot to the director, then you have our set (I lit like mad), and a shot of me at the camera.  - Joe Patrow '98

This picture was taken at the summer 2006 class reunion.

Marcia Rodriguez '94 and her son JD. (Read Marcia's news in the alumni newsletter.)

Andrea Durfee '97 and daughter Paige Mackenzie. (Find Andrea's message in the alumni newsletter.)

2005 Submissions

Loren Heaton, class of '89. The picture was taken
on Sept. 16, 2004 when he was promoted to Chief Petty Officer (E-7). Loren
is on the USS Camden.

On the set of "Check Her Out", Patrowvisual's 9th Motion Picture,
2004. R-L: Joe Patrow "Class of '98" (Director), Neal Sorensen (Actor), Bret Sinclair "Class of '98" (Crew), Kate Schroeder (Actress), Jimmy Broadwater (Crew), and David
Ulrich (Assistant-Director).

Reunion, Class of 1984
Kris Anderson, Rick Lindgren, Gail Anderson, Sheri Bruun Powell, Tessi Kilbury Stolp, Laura Latterell Hagen, Steve Mann, Greg Anselmo, Randy Bueschel

Jason '00 (left) and Karl '98 Halverson (right) bought a ticket for mom, Karen Sullivan, (third from left) to travel to Germany to be with them for Christmas.  Also pictured are Karl's wife Sabrina, daughter Livvy and son Parker.

Mary Talberg, class of 1978, is a major in
the Army Reserves and is currently serving in Kuwait.

Carmen Johnson '94 Walker says "Although we live in Iowa, we're big MN Vikings fans.  That should explain the picture.  Go, Vikings!"  Carmen is taking Dietary Management Courses to advance her position at their local hospital.  The picture includes husband Corey and daughters Caitlyn 8, and Calista 3.

Mandi Giehler '96 Johnson sends this Christmas picture and said "We hope this card finds you in good health and great spirits."  KC, Mandi, Peyton 5, and Carson 2.

Spring of 1956. It was taken in the basement of the village hall and is a Cub Scout group. All of the boys pictured (except one who moved away) graduated from BHS. Front row, l to r, Bob Manske '64, Ron Evenson '65, Russell Campbell (brother of Gordon, moved away), Randy Rajala '64. Middle row, l to r, Dick Welte '64, Dean Selander '65, Greig Grove '64, David Holt '63. Back row, l to r, Rich Patrow '62, Gordon Gardner '63, Steve Guinn '63, Doug Grove '63, Dennis Gross '63. Photo submitted by Bob Manske.

Christine Myers (maiden name Kliewer) (2001) and Nathan Myers (also a '01 grad from Bigfork) and their new baby Eian Mikal Alvin Myers.

This last summer a group of 1946 grads met at the Huskie Cafe in Bigfork for a mini-reunion.  They are from left and going around the table clockwise:  Tom Evensen, Priscilla York, Shirley Erickson Sigler, LaRue Vail Hocking, Mary Ellen Greene Thydean, and Betty Ostendorf Vail.

This picture shows a mini-reunion this last summer at the Huskie Cafe in Bigfork, attended by several members from the early 50s.  Shown are Irl Sinclair '52 (at the top of the picture) and then counter-clockwise from Irl are: Edna LaFrenier '52, Boyd Rahier, '53, Gerald Padgett, '52, Dora Holcomb (sister to Esther), Babe (friend of Esther), Gene Collins, '52, and   Edwin LaFrenier '52.

This is a second picture taken of the reunion group from the early 50s.  They are:  Irl Sinclair '52 (at head of table) and then clockwise Esther Peterson Nicostra '52, Joan Rahier Sarich '52, Bernie Sarich, Alfa (Esther's sister), Edwin LaFrenier '52, and Gene Collins '52 (back towards camera).